Welcome to Natural Abstractions

Welcome One and All-

Somehow you have found my blog which is my way of sharing my journey into the world of photography. To date, this journey has been short but filled with wonderful opportunities to capture images in places such as Yellowstone, The Badlands, and Santa Fe.  So follow along and see what new directions my work takes and join me as we discover new places together.

Whether you are family, a friend or a visitor, I would be most pleased if you would comment on which images you like and why. ( And the reverse applies also.) This will provide me critical feedback to improve my work.

Enjoy and Cheers!



About sthubbard

My travels with family and friends has led to an interest in photography and I have started to pursue more formal instruction through the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. My "eye" seems to be leading me toward abstract photos of the natural world-although I am not restricting myself to those types of images.
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3 Responses to Welcome to Natural Abstractions

  1. Karen Loucks says:

    Are you planning on getting a job with National Geographic?! These were fabulous! I especially liked the pics with the running water. You could almost hear the water running! Thanks for sharing they. They were all wonderful and seriously, you need to frame some of these and perhaps show them off at the next LC art show. Loved the Taos cemetery also – great angle!

  2. Lindsay Garrett says:

    Tom – These photos are absolutely AMAZING! Every one of them look as though they should be in National Geographic. You have an incredible eye and am so glad you have taken up the art of photography on a more serious basis. Thank you for sharing. xoxo Lindsay

  3. LillieV says:

    Tom Tom, you da Bomb! You certainly have the eye. Supercalifradulistespialidocious! I enjoyed every single one. Thank you so much for sharing. Big hugs to you and Peggy. Come see us.

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